Technology Meets $ Opportunity


It All Starts With The Silent Salesman™ Mobile Marketing App. A Powerful (And Customizable) Communication Tool For Your Business, Organization, Or Just For Fun!

This is NOT an app for you to download. This is an app which you control, customize, and have other people download... It's YOUR advertising and communication tool!

It's like a mini mobile website, but instead of going to a website address on their phone's browser, people actually download your app directly to their smartphones! This is extremely important and revolutionary for several reasons!



You own your app. You control and change the content whenever you like. You don't need to download your own app to your phone. In fact, you don't even need to own a smartphone to own your own app and be a big part of this revolution with us!


You simply have your customers or prospects download your App, and enter your unique "Shortcode"(which you pick)! Your app users are not charged anything to download or use your app!

YOU USE IT TO ADVERTISE!Your app has several pages you can customize to promote whatever you like! Everyone who downloads it will see and interact with your content!

Your app comes with the ability to send message broadcasts to everyone who downloads it. Your messages go out instantly via text message or Push Notification!


The Matrix Breakdown

Here it is... here's what you make on each level of sales! Note: In addition to all the commission below, you earn a bonus of $3 for every personally referred sale!


Positions Per Level

Commission Per Sale

Total Payout Per Level

1 2
$0.25 $ 0.50
2 4 $0.25 $ 1.00
3 8 $0.25 $ 2.00
4 16 $0.25 $ 4.00
5 32 $0.25 $ 8.00
6 64 $0.25 $ 16.00
7 128 $0.25 $ 32.00
8 256 $0.25 $ 64.00
9 512 $0.25 $ 128.00
10 1024 $0.25 $ 256.00
11 2048 $0.50 $ 1,024.00
12 4096 $0.50 $ 2,048.00
13 8192 $1.00 $ 8,192.00
14 16384 $1.50 $ 24,576.00


$ 6.00

$ 36,351.50

Automatic Re-entry

And I don't want to get complicated because this is a simple program. But once your 2x14 matrix is full you automatically start over and re-enter with a brand new matrix. You don't lose any income from the first one you built, you just start a second one, then you start the third one... Automatically. Beautiful, smart, and profitable marketing. Truly amazing.



ICANGet2 Silent Salesman™ Mobile Marketing App!



Your Own Smartphone App and Mini-Mobile Website AND FREE Unlimited Text Messages and Push Notifications to ALL your Subscribers...


Only $14.95 per month!

AND You do NOT need a smart phone to prosper with us! This is all about reaching people who need and these days must be able to reach those people with smart phones!
Famous quote: "Smart Phones are replacing PC's and LapTops AND Apps are replacing web sites." Welcome to the new web 3.0 revolution!

OUR GUARANTEE! Cancel at any time and not only will we not charge you in the future, but you'll receive a full refund of your most recent charge!

Our competitors charge in the $thousands! But we have streamlined it and automated the process!

You'll receive an account set up letter giving you your exclusive account name and password on how to customize and promote your App.

We give you complete instructions on how to setup and customize your App, but as a time saver or if you feel you need any help with resizing photos or creating custom images, we can DO IT ALL FOR YOU!

Details on how to take advantage of this service appear in the Welcome email you'll receive immediately after placing your order.