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so Irma hit u hard and it still seems hard to re-group and get motivated......join my club.......meanwhile enjoy lovletters and sing ,sing,sing


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Island Visions is my favorite store on Pine Island....go and see the variety and quality of the arts and crafts offered year letters are very popular and i am honored that folks appreciate my craft and take it home or offer it as a gift....I am busy....demand is ongoing

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Christmas Innocence!

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 This morning was wonderful!!!  I really enjoyed Bailey and Addie coming over to make a gift for someone special in their lives!  They made a beautiful Lov Letter (in their style) for each other without knowing it.   Children love to talk and these two sweet girls never stopped while they were here.  Dolls are still big on Santa's list and techno stuff too!  They loved playing with our 4 legged family members and oh yes, the swing!  Cookies were devoured and then time to go back to Great Grandmom's house.  Can't wait for my little granddaughter, KYRA, to be able to do this gift day with me in the future!  Til then, I'll be patient because Santa Claus is watching!!!  <3


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Most of us are so busy in this hectic world!  We are always in a hurry.  Why?  

Today when we walked out of the theater, the sky was so different.  The clouds were beautiful!  They looked like a velvet blanket that was put on a bed by a child...not totally smooth,  like waves at the ocean.  How often we miss the subtle beauty Mother Nature gives us because we are too busy to look up!  As little children we looked  up to the sky in awe.  We look for clouds shaped like animals during the day and the brightest stars at  night.  We were  innocent and used  our imagination to fill our world.  What happened to us?

I'm going to stop and look at the sky more often...during the day and at night. I know it will  have a calming effect  and that would be good for our blood pressure!  Maybe if we are still enough we might even get a symphony  by the citizens of the insect world!   I might even find some inspiration for the designs I use for my Lov Letters designs! 

 OK, look up!  There! I see the North Star!


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2014 is almost done!

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 Today was a wonderful day!  But then again, every day is wonderful....especially if you are retired.  No more getting up at  4:00 am to go to work.  Yeah!  But it doesn't mean we retirees do nothing all day.  I keep very busy with my Lov Letters,  helping with my little granddaughter, working in my yard, shopping and reading...all activities that I had to put to the side when I was employed.   

I want to take a moment and thank my Mother-in-law (she is 95 years old!) and my husband for encouraging me to start Lov Letters!  I couldn't have done it without them.  I also want to thank everyone that has read my blogs and/or purchased a Lov Letter.  You have made me one very happy artist!  I feel the LOVE!  

Christmas is the time of giving (we should do it year round!) and thru your support You give me confidence to continue my Lov Letters!  THANK YOU!!!  MMUUAAHH!!! (That is a big kiss.)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  HAPPY HANUKKAH!  HAPPY KWANZZA!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I think I got them all to be politically correct. 


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