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Ready, Set, Go!

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 OK.  It's time.  Tomorrow (October 22, 2014)  I will have my Love Letters by Andreia available to the public!  They will be featured at Island Visions , an eclectic gallery of Arts and Curiosities in Matlacha, Florida.  I'm happy and a little anxious.  I have enjoyed creating each and every one of the letters.  It's a funny feeling....letting go of a little bit of your own creativity....but as an artist I want to share this art with you.  The store is has the spirit of Florida and the tropics.....very colorful.....and the employees are very friendly and eager to help.  They are very knowledgeable about all the artists showcased at Island Visions.  So, enjoy a beautiful autumn day and go to Matlacha and visit Island Visions (4643 Pine Island Road, NW).  Don't forget to check out my Lov Letters by Andreia!


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