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Well, the weather is finally getting cooler. we are into football season, and it's almost time to be anybody or thing you want (for 1 night anyway).......It's the day before Halloween.....some call it Halloween Eve!  I imagine a lot of people are deciding what they want to be for the fun night of Halloween!  Some will buy their costume and others will go through their house rummaging  for stuff to make their costumes.  I've got nothing against the store bought stuff, but my family had lots of fun making their own disguises. Dad usually lost a good  "Jerry Garcia" tie and dress shirt.  Me. make-up disappeared, sheets were cut up, the bathroom was "totaled", and their was lots of sssshhhhing and laughing.  It was lots of fun!  

Tonight my girls are gone and the house is quiet. I do have Halloween decorations throughout my home  but it isn't the same.  Enjoy this time with your little ones....let their imaginations run rampant...Childhood isn't a long time.  Maybe if your lucky, our childish side can come back to the top of our personality and enjoy this day again.  For now I will work on my Lov Letters by Andreia, listen to all the giggles and rustling of costumes and give out that precious bounty....CANDY!

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