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 God Bless America!!!  It is the land of opportunity!  When I speak of America, I'm talking of it's citizens ...not the government!  Yes, we vote and we are not puppets as some of my northern neighbors think.  We want change and we are voting to get it...That is what democracy is about.  It's a messy business. But changes are a coming!

The "mom& pop" businesses are in the shadows of the big BOX stores surviving.  I am glad they exist and will support them especially during this season of giving.  For some it is a hobby and they really enjoy it.  For others it is how they make the extra to "stay above water"  during these hard times.  Some say we are forging ahead economically, but I don't see that happening.  Every time I go to the grocery store the prices have gone higher.   Why?  Big business and profit margins!!  That is why we need to support the "little stores" .  They are friendlier,  their items are better quality, and we are supporting our fellow Americans...not a foreign government.  So, check them out.  We need to support one another and keep it in AMERICA! 

As a "mom & pop" operation, I appreciate all the support that I have received with my Lov Letters by Andreia and thank all who have purchased one (or two)!


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