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No More....

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Well, it's no more!  2014 Summer Vacation is over.  School starts in Lee County, Florida on Monday, August 18.  On the one hand it's a little last "student" graduated from the University of Florida in May...I have no children in school starting this year.  No more digging through my purse for the credit  card for last minute supplies, new clothes, or making sure immunizations are up to date.  No lunch money is needed (no one brown bags it these days!) and the alarm clock isn't interrupting sweet dreams with that piercing noise. more school.  

On the other hand.... It's all SMILES!  Yep, I have joined the ranks of retirement!  I officially retired last year but This year I'm completely out of the  school thing.  I was a  kitchen manager and operated a "restaurant" (that's what my supervisors called our kitchens.) that fed over 1,500 students every day.  That was a lot of work!  No more...I have adjusted to this new lifestyle and it is wonderful. I am doing what I and painting...when I want to do it.  There is no set schedule.  I worked hard for 44 years and now I am reaping my reward. So, to the Lee County School employees, my hat  is off to you...I wish you the best for this new school I sit under my tree and take a nap on Monday morning! Maybe when I wake up I'll go to my art studio and work on a Lov Letter.  Who could be a gift for you!   (Lov Letters by )

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