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A Space of My Own

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 Finally!  I have a space I can call my art studio!  For the past 39 years space has been limited in my home.  Why,  you ask?  Children...5 daughters to be exact!  They arrived during 2 marriages...1975, 1976, 1990, 1992, and the last in 1994.  Daughters accumulate a lot of "necessary" stuff...stuffed animals, dolls, books, shoes (yes!), radios (remember we are talking the 70's and early 90's.), cd players, a desk for doing homework on, plus lap tops, musical instruments...violin, flute (2 0f those) saxaphones (2 of them too) and a complete drum set, lots and lots of clothes, make-up, hair driers, straighteners, and for the last 3 the "can't live without" cellphone!  Under all that somewhere there was a bed in their rooms! 

Well, they have all moved out and taken everything they wanted.  For the past year I have slowly redistributed the things  they left behind and now I have space to do my art.  This is where my Lov Letters are created.  I can relax, enjoy nature, play my favorite music  and just let the imagination flow out my finger tips.

 It's ME time now...that is until little Kyra enters our family!  So, if it's a special gift you are looking for check out Lov Letters by .


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