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What a guy!

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I just drove's midnight!  There he is outside waiting for partner in husband, Dzik!    What a great hubby!!

Dzik and I started on our life adventure after only meeting two days earlier.  We both believed in family and it wasn't long before we had 3 daughters  together (I had 2 daughters in my first marriage and he had 2 daughters and a son in his first marriage).  Raising children is always a challenge and he was there with me through thick and thin.  All our children are successful adults journeying down their chosen paths and we are happy for them.  We are both retired now and enjoy our time together!  I am also able to help our youngest daughter with little Kyra since I don't work.  Dzik understands this and helps me manage time to be with her. He is a gem!!!!

Dzik has helped my tremendously with Lov Letters by Andreia...I couldn't have done it without him.  So, KUDOS to you Dzik!  Thank you so  much!!  You deserve to be recognized for the kind, supportive, helpful, loving  man that you are!!!


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