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"Baby, It's Cold Outside"

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 Halloween is done.  It's November.  Recognize the title?  It's lyrics to a Christmas song!!  Yep...."It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas".....especially in some stores  Is that a bad thing?  Yes and No.  Christmas presents have become a big part of commercialism.....and there are 52 days until the Big Event.  And, yes...Santa plays a big part in it too.  Christmas has become a season unto itself.  Sad but true.  As we shake our heads remember that Christmas is a time of giving and love,  In this very fast paced society, we actually are taking time to decorate our homes, make lists for presents and keeping the economy going so inflation doesn't bite us in the a......!  Deep in our hearts we know the reason for Christmas.....LOVE!!!!  So we shouldn't be judgmental!  Enjoy the time, the joy, and...the gifts we give and receive.  "It's the thoughts that count"!  Oh yeah,,, the temp really dropped last night...."BABY, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE"!!!! <3

 Wouldn't a Lov Letter  be a great gift for that someone special in your life?

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