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 Is that a surprise to anyone?!  My earliest recollection to art was when I was about 5 and got a coloring kit with glitter.  I loved the sparkle that I could add to my coloring book......and I haven't stopped yet! I love all colors and mediums......wood, paint, ink, paper, fabric...  even my front door at one point became a canvas for me. Get art!  Art is in the eye of the beholder....."COLOR OUTSIDE THE BOX"!    When I've helped friends with decorating their homes, I always explain that art is not suppose to match the wall color or their furniture.  Art is an expression of the soul.

My Lov Letters are part of my expression and I would love to share them with you this holiday season.  They will make a wonderful gift to that special friend or family member. No two are ever alike  just like the people in your life.  Remember that our heart and soul color our life...lets share the LOVE!  


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