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Turn, turn, turn...

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There is a season for everything.  A time to die...a time to be born...a time to start your family.   Soon our youngest will have her first baby....a girl to be named Kyra.  Twenty years ago Mika entered this world and has developed into a pretty, intelligent, independent adult with a passion for life.  She isn't perfect (who is?) but she isn't afraid of challenges.  And now, she is about to meet the biggest challenge on planet earth....Parenthood!  She is about to embark on a journey with lots of hugs, tears, laughter, "loud conversations",  and love.  It's exciting  and she will do a great job as a mommy!   Oh, Grandmom will be there too!  She made a lov letter for Kyra and it is proudly displayed in her room...we are all waiting!

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