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A Little Gift...

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 Today I was working on a Lov Letter for a little girl and memories flooded my mind of a special gift I received a long long time ago.

 As a little girl I spent time each summer with my Grandmom in North Carolina.  Those were great times! Running barefoot, swimming in the creek, catching fireflies at night, and all the peaches and watermelon we could eat!  While doing errands with grandmom and my aunt one day, we stopped at the local produce stand.  The gentleman there made furniture as well as grow produce.  My grandmom bought me a  simple little wooden stool from the man that day and I was delighted with the gift!  That wooden stool has been with me ever since.  I used it when I played with dolls, got stuff off the shelf in  my closet, was in my household through a marriage and divorce, and second marriage.  It has a special place in my bedroom now and someday it will go to one of my daughters.  Little gifts mean so much when you are little and create great memories when you grow older.  I hope this Lov Letter holds the same type of memories that my little wooden stool did for me.


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