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Time Makes You Forget!

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Whew! I had forgotten how much time you spend taking care of a newborn!  Check this, check that, is the room too warm,  is her diaper dry, is she hungry...on and on and on.  And I love it!  Taking care of my little granddaughter brings such warmth and awe to me.  This little one is totally dependent on her mommy and daddy for everything....such innocence!  Yesterday she got her 6 week check up and first set of shots.  She only cried a little but today is a different story.  She is sore and a little irritable...who isn't after a doctor visit.  We're  irritable when we get the doctor's bill, hahaha!  So now I have more time for my letters...she is sleeping longer at night when I am most creative.  (Remember, she is my granddaughter...she lives with mommy and daddy.  I just help out from time to time.)   

Ok...time to create...who took my paint?


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