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I'Can't Stop!

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 veryone, guess what?!  I love art!!! All kinds of doesn't matter what the medium used is, or how it  is presented.  I like the fact that the  artist used imagination, color, and precious time to make something that the public could look at and either smile or's the reaction they  yearn for.  (My grammer is atrocious since I retired...can't end a sentence with a preposition!  But, I just did.  lol)  I love to dabble with color on canvas, paper, and wood.  Now, I'm going to do something totally different....I'm going to draw on my husband's car.  Don't worry; he gave me his blessing.  His  vehicle has a small dent (No!  I didn't do it) and that is where I'm going to start.   I'll take photos of my progress so you can see what I will transform this dent into.  Cross your fingers that I do his mighty steed justice.  I might incorporate designs  from my Lov Letters by Andreia into my masterpiece. 


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