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Most of us are so busy in this hectic world!  We are always in a hurry.  Why?  

Today when we walked out of the theater, the sky was so different.  The clouds were beautiful!  They looked like a velvet blanket that was put on a bed by a child...not totally smooth,  like waves at the ocean.  How often we miss the subtle beauty Mother Nature gives us because we are too busy to look up!  As little children we looked  up to the sky in awe.  We look for clouds shaped like animals during the day and the brightest stars at  night.  We were  innocent and used  our imagination to fill our world.  What happened to us?

I'm going to stop and look at the sky more often...during the day and at night. I know it will  have a calming effect  and that would be good for our blood pressure!  Maybe if we are still enough we might even get a symphony  by the citizens of the insect world!   I might even find some inspiration for the designs I use for my Lov Letters designs! 

 OK, look up!  There! I see the North Star!


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