Andreia's blog Andreia's blog en-us Thu, 24 Sep 2020 20:27:46 PDT Thu, 24 Sep 2020 20:27:46 PDT 2018 here and gone many lovletters have been purchased and taken home ,or given.I enjoy the thought that folks from who knows where have these simple items hanging on the wall in their home .....may each letter breathe love and happiness to all concerned .....happy noo ear and health and joy to all. Andreia  & Dzik 2018-12-29 08:02:10 and the heat goes on Lovletters are international.....many tourists buy one....2 or 3 Year after year Each one totally unique ,all made expertly with love by Andreia 2018-06-19 12:38:43 De-irma-ing so Irma hit u hard and it still seems hard to re-group and get motivated......join my club.......meanwhile enjoy lovletters and sing ,sing,sing 2018-01-29 08:28:15 ISLAND VISIONS Island Visions is my favorite store on Pine Island....go and see the variety and quality of the arts and crafts offered year letters are very popular and i am honored that folks appreciate my craft and take it home or offer it as a gift....I am busy....demand is ongoing 2015-09-02 10:22:57 Christmas Innocence!  This morning was wonderful!!!  I really enjoyed Bailey and Addie coming over to make a gift for someone special in their lives!  They made a beautiful Lov Letter (in their style) for each other without knowing it.   Children love to talk and these two sweet girls never stopped while they were here.  Dolls are still big on Santa's list and techno stuff too!  They loved playing with our 4 legged family members and oh yes, the swing!  Cookies were devoured and then time to go back to Great Grandmom's house.  Can't wait for my little granddaughter, KYRA, to be able to do this gift day with me in the future!  Til then, I'll be patient because Santa Claus is watching!!!  <3   2014-12-22 08:52:43 LOOK UP!   Most of us are so busy in this hectic world!  We are always in a hurry.  Why?   Today when we walked out of the theater, the sky was so different.  The clouds were beautiful!  They looked like a velvet blanket that was put on a bed by a child...not totally smooth,  like waves at the ocean.  How often we miss the subtle beauty Mother Nature gives us because we are too busy to look up!  As little children we looked  up to the sky in awe.  We look for clouds shaped like animals during the day and the brightest stars at  night.  We were  innocent and used  our imagination to fill our world.  What happened to us? I'm going to stop and look at the sky more often...during the day and at night. I know it will  have a calming effect  and that would be good for our blood pressure!  Maybe if we are still enough we might even get a symphony  by the citizens of the insect world!   I might even find some inspiration for the designs I use for my Lov Letters designs!   OK, look up!  There! I see the North Star!   2014-12-12 16:16:17 2014 is almost done!  Today was a wonderful day!  But then again, every day is wonderful....especially if you are retired.  No more getting up at  4:00 am to go to work.  Yeah!  But it doesn't mean we retirees do nothing all day.  I keep very busy with my Lov Letters,  helping with my little granddaughter, working in my yard, shopping and reading...all activities that I had to put to the side when I was employed.    I want to take a moment and thank my Mother-in-law (she is 95 years old!) and my husband for encouraging me to start Lov Letters!  I couldn't have done it without them.  I also want to thank everyone that has read my blogs and/or purchased a Lov Letter.  You have made me one very happy artist!  I feel the LOVE!   Christmas is the time of giving (we should do it year round!) and thru your support You give me confidence to continue my Lov Letters!  THANK YOU!!!  MMUUAAHH!!! (That is a big kiss.) MERRY CHRISTMAS!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  HAPPY HANUKKAH!  HAPPY KWANZZA!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I think I got them all to be politically correct.    2014-12-06 17:26:04 I LOVE ART!  Is that a surprise to anyone?!  My earliest recollection to art was when I was about 5 and got a coloring kit with glitter.  I loved the sparkle that I could add to my coloring book......and I haven't stopped yet! I love all colors and mediums......wood, paint, ink, paper, fabric...  even my front door at one point became a canvas for me. Get art!  Art is in the eye of the beholder....."COLOR OUTSIDE THE BOX"!    When I've helped friends with decorating their homes, I always explain that art is not suppose to match the wall color or their furniture.  Art is an expression of the soul. My Lov Letters are part of my expression and I would love to share them with you this holiday season.  They will make a wonderful gift to that special friend or family member. No two are ever alike  just like the people in your life.  Remember that our heart and soul color our life...lets share the LOVE!     2014-11-14 20:51:58 GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!  God Bless America!!!  It is the land of opportunity!  When I speak of America, I'm talking of it's citizens ...not the government!  Yes, we vote and we are not puppets as some of my northern neighbors think.  We want change and we are voting to get it...That is what democracy is about.  It's a messy business. But changes are a coming! The "mom& pop" businesses are in the shadows of the big BOX stores surviving.  I am glad they exist and will support them especially during this season of giving.  For some it is a hobby and they really enjoy it.  For others it is how they make the extra to "stay above water"  during these hard times.  Some say we are forging ahead economically, but I don't see that happening.  Every time I go to the grocery store the prices have gone higher.   Why?  Big business and profit margins!!  That is why we need to support the "little stores" .  They are friendlier,  their items are better quality, and we are supporting our fellow Americans...not a foreign government.  So, check them out.  We need to support one another and keep it in AMERICA!  As a "mom & pop" operation, I appreciate all the support that I have received with my Lov Letters by Andreia and thank all who have purchased one (or two)!   2014-11-05 15:10:27 "Baby, It's Cold Outside"  Halloween is done.  It's November.  Recognize the title?  It's lyrics to a Christmas song!!  Yep...."It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas".....especially in some stores  Is that a bad thing?  Yes and No.  Christmas presents have become a big part of commercialism.....and there are 52 days until the Big Event.  And, yes...Santa plays a big part in it too.  Christmas has become a season unto itself.  Sad but true.  As we shake our heads remember that Christmas is a time of giving and love,  In this very fast paced society, we actually are taking time to decorate our homes, make lists for presents and keeping the economy going so inflation doesn't bite us in the a......!  Deep in our hearts we know the reason for Christmas.....LOVE!!!!  So we shouldn't be judgmental!  Enjoy the time, the joy, and...the gifts we give and receive.  "It's the thoughts that count"!  Oh yeah,,, the temp really dropped last night...."BABY, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE"!!!! <3  Wouldn't a Lov Letter  be a great gift for that someone special in your life? 2014-11-02 06:52:22 BOO!   Well, the weather is finally getting cooler. we are into football season, and it's almost time to be anybody or thing you want (for 1 night anyway).......It's the day before Halloween.....some call it Halloween Eve!  I imagine a lot of people are deciding what they want to be for the fun night of Halloween!  Some will buy their costume and others will go through their house rummaging  for stuff to make their costumes.  I've got nothing against the store bought stuff, but my family had lots of fun making their own disguises. Dad usually lost a good  "Jerry Garcia" tie and dress shirt.  Me. make-up disappeared, sheets were cut up, the bathroom was "totaled", and their was lots of sssshhhhing and laughing.  It was lots of fun!   Tonight my girls are gone and the house is quiet. I do have Halloween decorations throughout my home  but it isn't the same.  Enjoy this time with your little ones....let their imaginations run rampant...Childhood isn't a long time.  Maybe if your lucky, our childish side can come back to the top of our personality and enjoy this day again.  For now I will work on my Lov Letters by Andreia, listen to all the giggles and rustling of costumes and give out that precious bounty....CANDY! 2014-10-30 05:36:54 My Eyes Hurt!  They eyes!  For the past 6 days I have been painting, designing and gluing my art  non-stop.  I've gotten a little sleep but my art comes first these days. (My granddaughter is the real first....who am I kidding!)   I've enjoyed every moment  creating my Lov Letters and the time passes so quickly.... 1 AM arrives before I know it.  I have made good progress...Lots of letters with lots of color and bling!  I've shown them to a couple of my critics and they all, it's off to market I go!   Tomorrow is my "day off" and guess where I'm going?   To see my grandbaby, of course!  She and her sister both have a Lov Letter by Andreia.   Mommy and Daddy do, too!!   2014-10-25 18:55:31 Ready, Set, Go!  OK.  It's time.  Tomorrow (October 22, 2014)  I will have my Love Letters by Andreia available to the public!  They will be featured at Island Visions , an eclectic gallery of Arts and Curiosities in Matlacha, Florida.  I'm happy and a little anxious.  I have enjoyed creating each and every one of the letters.  It's a funny feeling....letting go of a little bit of your own creativity....but as an artist I want to share this art with you.  The store is has the spirit of Florida and the tropics.....very colorful.....and the employees are very friendly and eager to help.  They are very knowledgeable about all the artists showcased at Island Visions.  So, enjoy a beautiful autumn day and go to Matlacha and visit Island Visions (4643 Pine Island Road, NW).  Don't forget to check out my Lov Letters by Andreia!   2014-10-21 16:52:23 I'Can't Stop!  veryone, guess what?!  I love art!!! All kinds of doesn't matter what the medium used is, or how it  is presented.  I like the fact that the  artist used imagination, color, and precious time to make something that the public could look at and either smile or's the reaction they  yearn for.  (My grammer is atrocious since I retired...can't end a sentence with a preposition!  But, I just did.  lol)  I love to dabble with color on canvas, paper, and wood.  Now, I'm going to do something totally different....I'm going to draw on my husband's car.  Don't worry; he gave me his blessing.  His  vehicle has a small dent (No!  I didn't do it) and that is where I'm going to start.   I'll take photos of my progress so you can see what I will transform this dent into.  Cross your fingers that I do his mighty steed justice.  I might incorporate designs  from my Lov Letters by Andreia into my masterpiece.    2014-10-15 07:41:23 What a guy! I just drove's midnight!  There he is outside waiting for partner in husband, Dzik!    What a great hubby!! Dzik and I started on our life adventure after only meeting two days earlier.  We both believed in family and it wasn't long before we had 3 daughters  together (I had 2 daughters in my first marriage and he had 2 daughters and a son in his first marriage).  Raising children is always a challenge and he was there with me through thick and thin.  All our children are successful adults journeying down their chosen paths and we are happy for them.  We are both retired now and enjoy our time together!  I am also able to help our youngest daughter with little Kyra since I don't work.  Dzik understands this and helps me manage time to be with her. He is a gem!!!! Dzik has helped my tremendously with Lov Letters by Andreia...I couldn't have done it without him.  So, KUDOS to you Dzik!  Thank you so  much!!  You deserve to be recognized for the kind, supportive, helpful, loving  man that you are!!!   2014-10-12 21:32:51 Surprise!   e went for a drive in the country this afternoon and stopped at a place called TWO PEAS in Labelle for lunch.  What a delightful restaurant.  The food is like grandmom would cook...delicious.  And dessert ...there are no words to describe it.  I had Hawaiian Coconut Cake and it was scrumptious!  That was surprise #1!           Surprise #2 was....drum rolllllllll......These gracious ladies are going to display my Lov Letters in their restaurant.  I couldn't be happier!!           So the next time you want to have a nice drive in the countryside and get a good breakfast or lunch stop at TWO PEAS Cafe.  You won't be disappointed!  And while there check out my Lov Letters.   2014-10-11 15:37:14 Time Makes You Forget! Whew! I had forgotten how much time you spend taking care of a newborn!  Check this, check that, is the room too warm,  is her diaper dry, is she hungry...on and on and on.  And I love it!  Taking care of my little granddaughter brings such warmth and awe to me.  This little one is totally dependent on her mommy and daddy for everything....such innocence!  Yesterday she got her 6 week check up and first set of shots.  She only cried a little but today is a different story.  She is sore and a little irritable...who isn't after a doctor visit.  We're  irritable when we get the doctor's bill, hahaha!  So now I have more time for my letters...she is sleeping longer at night when I am most creative.  (Remember, she is my granddaughter...she lives with mommy and daddy.  I just help out from time to time.)    Ok...time to create...who took my paint?   2014-10-09 11:13:35 No More....   Well, it's no more!  2014 Summer Vacation is over.  School starts in Lee County, Florida on Monday, August 18.  On the one hand it's a little last "student" graduated from the University of Florida in May...I have no children in school starting this year.  No more digging through my purse for the credit  card for last minute supplies, new clothes, or making sure immunizations are up to date.  No lunch money is needed (no one brown bags it these days!) and the alarm clock isn't interrupting sweet dreams with that piercing noise. more school.   On the other hand.... It's all SMILES!  Yep, I have joined the ranks of retirement!  I officially retired last year but This year I'm completely out of the  school thing.  I was a  kitchen manager and operated a "restaurant" (that's what my supervisors called our kitchens.) that fed over 1,500 students every day.  That was a lot of work!  No more...I have adjusted to this new lifestyle and it is wonderful. I am doing what I and painting...when I want to do it.  There is no set schedule.  I worked hard for 44 years and now I am reaping my reward. So, to the Lee County School employees, my hat  is off to you...I wish you the best for this new school I sit under my tree and take a nap on Monday morning! Maybe when I wake up I'll go to my art studio and work on a Lov Letter.  Who could be a gift for you!   (Lov Letters by ) 2014-08-15 16:42:41 A Space of My Own  Finally!  I have a space I can call my art studio!  For the past 39 years space has been limited in my home.  Why,  you ask?  Children...5 daughters to be exact!  They arrived during 2 marriages...1975, 1976, 1990, 1992, and the last in 1994.  Daughters accumulate a lot of "necessary" stuff...stuffed animals, dolls, books, shoes (yes!), radios (remember we are talking the 70's and early 90's.), cd players, a desk for doing homework on, plus lap tops, musical instruments...violin, flute (2 0f those) saxaphones (2 of them too) and a complete drum set, lots and lots of clothes, make-up, hair driers, straighteners, and for the last 3 the "can't live without" cellphone!  Under all that somewhere there was a bed in their rooms!  Well, they have all moved out and taken everything they wanted.  For the past year I have slowly redistributed the things  they left behind and now I have space to do my art.  This is where my Lov Letters are created.  I can relax, enjoy nature, play my favorite music  and just let the imagination flow out my finger tips.  It's ME time now...that is until little Kyra enters our family!  So, if it's a special gift you are looking for check out Lov Letters by .   2014-08-11 15:37:37 A Little Gift...  Today I was working on a Lov Letter for a little girl and memories flooded my mind of a special gift I received a long long time ago.  As a little girl I spent time each summer with my Grandmom in North Carolina.  Those were great times! Running barefoot, swimming in the creek, catching fireflies at night, and all the peaches and watermelon we could eat!  While doing errands with grandmom and my aunt one day, we stopped at the local produce stand.  The gentleman there made furniture as well as grow produce.  My grandmom bought me a  simple little wooden stool from the man that day and I was delighted with the gift!  That wooden stool has been with me ever since.  I used it when I played with dolls, got stuff off the shelf in  my closet, was in my household through a marriage and divorce, and second marriage.  It has a special place in my bedroom now and someday it will go to one of my daughters.  Little gifts mean so much when you are little and create great memories when you grow older.  I hope this Lov Letter holds the same type of memories that my little wooden stool did for me.   2014-08-09 18:05:21 Turn, turn, turn... There is a season for everything.  A time to die...a time to be born...a time to start your family.   Soon our youngest will have her first baby....a girl to be named Kyra.  Twenty years ago Mika entered this world and has developed into a pretty, intelligent, independent adult with a passion for life.  She isn't perfect (who is?) but she isn't afraid of challenges.  And now, she is about to meet the biggest challenge on planet earth....Parenthood!  She is about to embark on a journey with lots of hugs, tears, laughter, "loud conversations",  and love.  It's exciting  and she will do a great job as a mommy!   Oh, Grandmom will be there too!  She made a lov letter for Kyra and it is proudly displayed in her room...we are all waiting! 2014-08-06 18:56:20 The Tree!   On the very last day of vacation  as we were driving home we received that dreaded call....several tree limbs had fallen on my car and there was "some" damage.  What a way to end a wonderful journey.  We examined the damage, sighed a lot, and called our insurance agent.  when the car was returned to us looking great, we were not parking it under that tree! So, we had the tree trimmed...the top of it was hauled away and we can sleep peacefully again knowing that my car is safe!  A good night's I have my imagination running at full speed...time to do another lov letter! 2014-08-05 08:26:53 Rainy days and Mondays    Today was one of those Mondays......rain...rain....and more rain!  It rained so much part of Naples, Florida flooded!  This is not typical Florida weather.  When I was a little girl you could tell time by the afternoon shower. (A shower is much different from the downpours we have been having!) So, since I was stuck in the house all day I worked on my lov letters. I had so much fun doing them I lost track of time.  Now I'm asking my hubby to take me out to's too late to cook.  See ya! 2014-08-04 17:56:29 Baby Shower Today, August 2, 2014 was my youngest daughter's baby shower.  It was for her soon to be daughter, Kyra Jade.  Lots of gifts, food,  friends and fun. It takes a lot to get prepared for a new family member.  Mikaela and David are well organized and ready as anyone could be under the circumstances!  Only 7 weeks to go until the big event.  One of the guests was asked what her advice would be to the new mommy.  She gave the best advice that I've ever heard....HUGS!  Lots of good times or bad times....always show your love!  Gifts to the two hostesses, Laurie and Cayla were their initial in Lov Letters!  What a wonderful way to show appreciation! 2014-08-02 16:15:09