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  What You Get When You Join Our Team :

tick$1,200 worth of bonus when you join the team
free bonusThis free bonus pack includes Classifieds Scraper Pro, Guru List Buster Pro, No Spam Soulution Link, Social List Bustor Pro and free access to the private membership training site Rod's Marketing Bootcamp that we have paid $1,200 to access to. This is a very power full program.

tickPersonal capture page with autoresponder follow-up messages


pageWe setup your personal capture page with 15 nos. autoresponder follow-up email messages at absolutely No Cost. It is just like running your own business online except we do all the work for you and you keep 100% of the commission.

tickProfessional ad co-op (optional) if you don't like to promote yourself

coopTraffic is the life- blood of every online/offline business. If you don't have enough time to promote your business yourself, you can go for our paid traffic option "Monthly Marketing Coop" only for our team members. Each Coop members will get high quality traffic, the best traffic possible. Our goal with this Coop is to explode your income and make us THE BIGGEST AIOP TEAM ever.

tickFree & paid done-for-you traffic resources - priceless info.

free trafficFree access to our secret advertising resources. Through years of research we have put together the most relevant of free and paid advertising resources to get you started on the right path to accomplishing your online marketing goals. These are truly valuable resources you can't find anywhere over the internet at one place.

tickHigh converting sales presentation page with your affiliate link

sales funnelGet your professional video sales presentation page with your own affiliate link within.  Your subscribers will see this link within each followup message they receive form you, AUTOMATICALLY.

tickTeam banners, email swipe copy  and personal support...

Promo toolsTeam promotional materials include team banners, email swipe copy for solo campaign, safelist and text ad exchanges. Also, get full support form our team leader and uplines. This is definitely a business about people helping people. And we are here to help you to achieve your GOAL as quick as possible.


  Our Opportunity

We choose All In One Profits (also known as AIOP). Why AIOP? Because, it is one of the TOP  Internet Business Models that are currently the MOST PROFITABLE, AFFORDABLE, DURABLE, and EASIEST to promote on the internet.

What is All In One Profits (AIOP)?

All In One Profits® is a whole Internet Business Platform, created for beginners and advanced marketers as well. It is a legitimate International Trade Mark Registered Company and it was founded in 2012. They are a young, ambitious company. The CEO’s of the company are Johan Van Geffen and Isabela Capsuna, both are very well respected in the industry.

AIOP is a whole advertising network providing web hosting and autoresponser services, along with all the essential web tools, products and services, software, educational material and training. This is a real business for real internet marketers.

No Other Business Give You So Much For So Little!

Their exclusive and innovative "Even Up" Compensation Plan is "The Most Lucrative in the Industry... Bar None!" and presents YOU with the following benefits...

  • Unlimited monthly income $1000, $5000, $10, much as you want
  • $10 - $15 for each referral in your downline
  • Affordable : $10 (+$1.50 processor fee) /month
  • Rapid withdrawals (24 hours indicated, but typically much quicker)
  • 100% payout Basic level
  • Your downline builds your commission
  • Break even with your first referral (One single referral will set you free)
  • Fast Start Bonus (PRO Members Only)

So, if you would like a chance to start building a full-time monthly residual income, please watch the pay plan video below and you will understand how powerful this system is

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When you do the right thing at the right time in the right order, then you have the keys to success.

Privacy Statement: We value your privacy. Your personal information will be kept confidential and will never be sold to third parties. It will only be used for communications you request related to the services provided by our team. If You're serious about making money online fill in the form above to find out more.


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A Done-For-You FREE Marketing System, That
Works For All! 100% Failure Proof!

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