LovLetters by Andreia

These beautiful and unique letters make a touching and one-of-a-kind gift for a birthday, graduation, new birth, marriage, a housewarming gift or just a way to say "you are special to me ".

Lovletters by Andreia

Her unique and individualized designs are meticulously applied, guided by her intuition and feel; combining variations in color,zentangles and bling.

Makes for a truly personal gift whether it's one Lovletter for Ethan or a set of 3 for Debbie and Tom.. D&T.


LovLetters By Andreia

So,I know who you're thinking ...it's the perfect gift!.....like what else does she need? Very unique and from the heart....I'll get it !


One Lovletter in B&W $15,

Color and Bling $18.


A Set of three in B&W $40,

Color and Bling $50.


For info on customization and turn around time 

Please e-mail :Andreia Siemienski



Please note: Shipping & Handling charge of $7 is added on.


Island Visions in Matlacha,Fl. is a lovletter carrier.




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